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Vecoplan Parts

Jeukparts are available for the Vecoplan range of size reduction shredding system

Vecoplan screen for the SR2500

Shown here is the screen for the SR 2500

Komptec breaker (banana) bars

In addition to screens, another popular item we are asked for are Breaker (banana) bars. These are mounted underneath the rotor through which the waste passes, having been pulverized.

Komptec Counter knife or crockodile teeth


This photo shows a counter knife (or crocodile teeth) against which the waste is sheared and reduced. To maintain their hardness, these teeth are made from Hardox 600 and heat treated after cutting.
They are also reversible.

A set of teeth contain three differing sizes of teeth.

Vecoplan Banana Bars

Vecoplan Banana Bar Clamp Plates

Examples of Vecoplan Banana Bars and Banana Bar Clamp Plates.