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Tana Parts

This page contains the wear parts for the

Shark 5430

and the

Shark 6550


Tana Shark Tips from JEUK Parts

Tips for Tana Shark JEUK34

Tana Shark Counter Knife from JEUK Parts

Counter knife for Tana Shark JEUK7

Tana Shark Counter Door Knives


Tana Shark Counter Door Knives
These images show the Tana Counter Door Knives for the 220 and the 440 Shredders.
The short ones are located at the ends with 22 of the standard ones in between. These knives are cut straight from 50mm wear plate and as a result retain a sharp edge, compared to the same part made by casting or forging.
Tana Saddle Tana Saddle
Rotor Saddle. This weld on saddle receives the hammer with the corresponding bolt hole. Tana 220D Tana 440D
Tana Screen Tana Screen
5430 and 6330 type Tana Screen
Tana Screen
Tana 440 and 220 type screens