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Herbold Granulator Screen

The above picture shows the Herbold Granulator Screen with a 12mm hole mesh, ideal for the recycling of auto plastics. These screens can be made in the small single units shown or can be doubled in size for ease of fitting. Zerma Granulating Screens with their smaller design are also favoirites throughout the plastics recycling industry.

ticularly screens maSorema Previero Screeny also

Here we have a photo of a Sorema Previero Screen ready for building up. This type of screen is typically used for plastics pre-shredding.

Burks Klochner Screen


Bruks Klochner Screen


This Bruks Klochner Screen of the KVR650 is ideal for creating wood chip, it has similar design features to other types of chipping
machines and are generally lighter in weight than shredder screens as they are not expected to encounter contaminants normally
being used in forestry and woodland.

CBI Gate

In this picture the CBI Gate is being eased into its frame. With a 40mm wear plate being used this often requires patience. The welder is marking out the pattern for the hardfacing across the anvil section. CBI Screens are hard to damage and are renowned for being able to chomp girders which might have slipped through. They do inevitably eventually wear down through continual abrasion.