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Lindner Screen Lindner Screen
Lindner Screen and corresponding screen cradle. As can be seen, the green screen hooks into the black cradle where it is retained during schredding. A rubber block may be added for extra cushioning between the cradle and screen.
The Komet series primarily used for secondary reduction/granulation of pre-shredded waste material is highly suitable for theĀ  production of RDF (refuse derived fuel). This machine typically processes paper, cardboard, plastics, foam plastics, rubber, leather, textiles, flooring and wood. For primary shredding of untreated materials with inclusions or foreign objects and a high throughput Urraco mobile shredders are preferred. This type of shredder has a high tolerance to foreign objects, lower wear and tear bills, good fuel consumption and low dust formation. It can process mixed wood scrap from A1 to A4, rootstock or logs, biomass, domestic waste, commercial waste, construction waste, paper, electric and electronic waste and lightweight scrap. Jeukparts offer exceptional value when maintaining any of these machines