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DuraTech Parts

This page contains parts relevant to the following range:

Duratech HD8

HD10 tubgrinders

3010 tubgrinder

2009 tubgrinder

Fixed Hammers for Duratech can be made from either mild steel or Hardox. Swing Hammers are always made from Hardox.


Duratech parts from JEUK Parts

A fixed hammer for a 3010 JEUK38

Duratech Parts from JEUK Parts

A fixed hammer for a 4012 JEUK39

Duratech Spares from JEUK Parts

These are hammer holders and swing hammer JEUK25 & 26

Duratech Screens from JEUK Parts

Variations of the duratech screen JEUK23

Screens are available with a variety of hole sizes, which are dependant on the requirements of any given job and the final particle size of the waste being processed. For any technical questions that need answering please phone 01522 811354.

spares for model 2009 heavy duty mill  ,  spares for model 3010 heavy duty hammer mill, spares for model 4012  industrial grinder, spares for model 9564 horizontal industrial grinder,  hammermill. Parts  for  model 5064 horizontal industrial grinder, the latest heavy duty midsized  grinder in the range.