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Bandit Parts

We make parts for the the following range:

Bandit Beast






Pins are supplied with the hinged screen.

Bandit Beast Screen from JEUK Parts

The Hardox screen shown makes up part of the outer wall of the shredding or grinding chamber. The holes in it allow the material that is being reduced to pass through when it reaches the correct particle size. Holes can be made in a variety of fashions. They are normally cut either as squares diamonds or circles. It is also possible to vary the hole size across any given screen. Round holes are likely to give the longest screen life but customers often have their own preferences.

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Bandit Small Gate Ram

These smaller screens fit against the main Bandit screen and are released by either a single or double ram system.

Bandit Small Gate Ram


Wear parts for these recyclers are ideal for coping with tree limbs, broken pallets, wood beams, construction industry waste, bark, forestry debris and recycling site timber. The gates for this range of machine are normally 25mm thick and are constructed with continuous welds to ensure their long life.